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Total Health Immersion Program

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Alan Before/After

       Well I'm happy you stumbled upon us! But I'm sure you're going be equally happier or more that you found me upon reading a little more about the Total Health Immersion Program.

           In the pics above, that's me, Alan Ataman and I want to tell you about why I decided to start The Total Health Immersion Program.

 But first, in the pic above on the left is me at my heaviest, 265 lbs and the one on the right is me at the moment, 193 lbs and without the pokey haircut! 

         The process wasn't easy nor was it fun, but looking back at it now, that's only because I didn't know what to do. I just went to the gym, watched people, copied them and left when I thought it was time. But knowing what I know now and having gone through the transformation myself, it was worth it.

 If you're looking for someone who will help take you from your current fitness level to a level you've always wanted to reach, I'd love to help.  I want to be for you EXACTLY what I wish I had during my Weight Loss Transformation. 

Thanks for reading, now go on with our page and let me know what you think. Check out our packages, team photos, and everything else about the Immersion Program. Hope to hear from you soon and have fun!    -Alan Ataman

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