Why We Do It Why We Started Total Health Immersion Program in Boca Raton

Why I Started


               I started this program because I want to be EXACTLY for others what I would of liked during my weight loss transformation. My support group during my weight loss transformation phase was extremely small, almost non-existent. I was without guidance, support, a friend, and really just someone to lean on and receive some emotional support from. Now I know nobody had to do it or was obligated to do so, but it would of been nice because that's what I feel a support system does and I know how much easier and enjoyable my transformation would of been. So I want to be that for you! 


                So after my transformation, fitness, health, and nutrition all became a big part of my life, I ran with it. I reaped the benefits. I enjoy the feeling. I enjoy feeling energized all day long. I enjoy the look of the body I've achieved from this lifestyle. I enjoy the confidence. But what do I truly like the most? I enjoy helping others achieve these things and really enjoy a Total Health Transformation. I want to take what I've learned through my experience and learning, and help take you from where yo are to where you want to be. 

I also want to show you how exercise can impact other aspects in your life other than just looks. Your confidence, health risks, stress levels, energy levels, testosterone levels, brain power, and so much more can be impacted for the better with exercise and healthy eating. And as we get older, exercise becomes harder and the time becomes rarer, but our health isn't going to wait for us until we are finally ready. These are all beautiful things I enjoy helping bring into others lives with our Total Health Immersion Program.

Why We're Different



What separates us from the rest is our accountability, follow through, program structure, and our side by side, no excuse, caring nature.

       How often has a gym called you after you haven't shown up for a few days to make sure you were okay and planned on going back?  Whether we're scheduled to train that day, have our review scheduled, or not scheduled to meet that day at all, we want to make sure you're doing awesome and you're staying on track to your goals because every day truly counts and our daily check-ins will account for that and hold you accountable as we continue to grow together 

What about to make sure you're not at home, tucked away from the world  and not enjoying our gorgeous South Florida weather and scenery because you're not completely happy within yourself or may not have someone to go out with and enjoy these things. Maybe you get anxiety when you're around a big group of people. We'll be there for you to be a buddy to go out with and just enjoy these things that we've been blessed to be so close to living in South Florida. That's what our Total Health Immersion Program is all about! We're in this together.

       We really, really care about our members and their weight loss transformation as well as well being mentally. We understand how mentally draining and tough it can be if we're not totally happy with ourselves, we've lived it, experienced it, have the scars to prove it, BUT we did what so many  wish to do and that's overcome it. Let's  find your goals and lets conquer them together. 

What You Should Expect


               Here come's the good part! You can expect  to have fun, achieve results, become happier, make friends, get out and do things with others that are looking to get the same thing out of this program as yourself while learning about fitness, health, and and nutrition. It truly is a Total Health Immersion Program. 

           We're Coaches, not Trainers. We explain the things we will be doing and why we're doing it. We set you up for success so when the program is over, and you're mind, body, and overall health has changed, you will be ready to take control of the wheel and be confident in continuing a healthy lifestyle. 

Let's smile, live, laugh, enjoy the beautiful South Florida weather together. While we're at it, let's go on Bike Rides, let's go mini golfing, bowling, walk the beach. Maybe we can kick off our shoes and throw the frisbee around at the beach for a little after getting a good morning wokout in?  You haven't seen you at your best yet!